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EvenUp is going beta! Thank you for being one of our early supporters. During the beta period, your gifts are not tax deductible but are greatly appreciated.

Get ready to be awesome.

Welcome to EvenUp, the micro-giving platform that allows you to donate spare change from every purchase you make directly to the organizations and causes that you want to support. Every time you spend money, we "even up" your purchase to the next dollar and direct that change to the charity of your choice, helping you and them make a difference in the world.

Your spare change making a positive change in the world... Connect. Spend. Give.


Automatically support the causes you love with each purchase you make.

Connect (pointing finger)


Link your bank account and any credit cards you use regularly to your EvenUp account.

Are you looking for an easy way to support the causes you care most about, without making it wreck your bank account? Well my friend, EvenUp was made for you.
Spend with your card


Whenever and wherever, spend money like usual using your linked debit and credit cards.

EvenUp is a revolutionary new way for you to support the organizations that matter most to you. Every time you make a purchase by debit, credit, or check, we even up your purchase to the next dollar and direct that change to the charity you want to support.
Give your spare change


Every time you spend money we even up your purchase to the next dollar.

All you need to do is connect your bank account to your EvenUp account, spend money like usual on normal everyday purchases, and we round up each transaction you make to the next dollar. Once that rounded up change reaches $5, we transfer it from your bank account directly into the bank account of the charity you select.


Looking for a new way to raise funds for your charity organization, nonprofit, or team? Interested in growing your donor base exponentially to raise more support, have a broader network, and reach more people?

EvenUp has you covered.

EvenUp is a revolutionary new way to raise support for your charity. The concept is simple: encourage your new and existing supporters to sign up for EvenUp and have them select your organization as their charity to support. We then even up every purchase they make to the next dollar, and once that rounded up change equals $5, we send it directly from their bank account to yours. Automatically. Every month.

Whether it's a complement to your larger fundraising strategy or your primary source of raising support, the fundraising potential with EvenUp is off the chart. By recruiting just a handful of people to donate their rounded up change to your organization, you can receive thousands of dollars of new support each and every month.

More great news: there is no cost to register your organization and no cost to sign up donors. EvenUp simply charges $1 per active donor per month, and then a small processing fee each time the donated money is pulled from your donor's bank account and transferred to your bank account. You encourage people to donate their spare change to you, we take care of the rest.

Let's make the world a better place.


Are my donations tax deductible?
Absolutely. This is one of our biggest frustrations with previous micro-donation platforms, and one of the reasons we felt the world needed EvenUp. You can get your giving summary statement online by January 31st each year that you can access or print off to accurately deduct your eligible contributions on your taxes. You can also log into your account at any time to get the full detailed history of your contributions, showing you Year to Date giving history, totals for previous years, and even a total amount you've donated since becoming a user of EvenUp.
I'm a little leery of inputting my bank account information to EvenUp. How secure is my information?
Your security is our most important priority. EvenUp was created to do good in the world, not to put your privacy at risk. Our technology uses the latest SSL to encrypt all communication between our servers and you, your bank, and the nonprofit you are supporting. We also encrypt all the details we use to communicate with your institution, and even your transaction records.
How can EvenUp round up every one of my transactions?
Every day, our server securely retrieves the list of transactions you have made within the past 24 hours, and we then calculate what the round up amount would be for each transaction.
What if my transaction is already an even dollar amount, like $25.00?
Transactions in your bank account that are already even dollar amounts are rounded up to the next dollar. For example, if you have a transaction that is an even $25.00, we then round that transaction up to $26.00, so you have a full $1.00 of rounded up change to donate to the charity you're supporting.
Is the rounded up change pulled from my bank account after every purchase?
No. For simplicity, EvenUp calculates the spare change from each and every transaction in your bank account or on your credit card, and it is not withdrawn from your bank account until it totals $5. This makes it easier for you to manage and easier for the charity to manage.
How can I know throughout the month how much spare change I've rounded up and how close I am to reaching the next $5 threshold?
Thanks to the sweet tech developers at EvenUp, you can login to your account online or on the app at any time to see the calculated round up from each of your transactions, how close you are to the next $5 threshold, and your total amount of donated change Year to Date and since you became an EvenUp user.
I primarily use a credit card for my purchases. Can I make donations using the EvenUp platform?
EvenUp uses your checking account for processing donations. If your credit card and checking account are with the same bank or institution, it's easy to even up your credit card transactions so you can keep supporting the charities you love.